Thursday, November 5, 2009

Imagine hitting this on the road

In southeastern Pennsylvania, we always worry about deer crossing our path while we are driving.

Well, an Oklahoma couple driving home from church hit something a little larger while on the road: an elephant!!!

Here are the details, according to the Associated Press:

An elephant that escaped from a nearby circus collided with the couple's SUV Wednesday night when it ran across a rural highway in Enid, about 100 miles north of Oklahoma City.

Police say the 29-year-old elephant had escaped earlier that night from the Family Fun Circus at the Garfield County Fairgrounds. The couple weren't injured in the crash, but police say the elephant had a broken tusk and an injured leg.

Authorities say the elephant's tusk tore a hole in the SUV's sheet metal.
After the crash, the elephant was taken to a veterinary school for an exam. Dr. Dwight Olson says the elephant doesn't appear to have serious injuries.