Thursday, November 17, 2011

If the Bradys used Twitter

I'm a fan of "The Brady Bunch," so I had to open an e-mail I received recently.

The e-mail was for an article from another blog titled "5 Ways the Brady Bunch Could Have Used Twitter".

When "The Brady Bunch" debuted in 1969, there were no personal computers, no e-mail, no smart phones. Only letters, snail mail and land lines. As the article states," there was no 'virtual' reality, just 'real' reality." This article looks out how some of the situations the Bradys got into would be different today.

One example was the episode where Mr. Brady installed a pay phone in an effort to keep the telephone bill lower. Today, Mike would be upset over the kids' cell phone use, complaining that they weren't using unlimited texting or tweeting their friends.

The article gave four other examples, but here are some of my own:
  • After Marcia was hit in the face by an errant photo, she would have been tweeting "oh my #nose, oh my #nose."
  • When Peter knocked out the neighborhood bully, his tweet could have been "take that #Buddy #Hinton."
  • While Greg and Bobby were locked in the freezer at Sam's Butcher Shop, Greg could have asked for help: "Locked in #freezer @SamsButcherShop. Please #help."
Well, you get the point. "The Brady Bunch" in 2011 would be a lot different than it was 40 years ago.

Can you think of other examples? Leave a comment or e-mail me at