Thursday, September 23, 2010

Wow, what a run!

Phillies celebrate Wednesday's victory
over the Atlanta Braves
./AP Photo
Two months ago, the Phillies were floundering.

Just two games over .500 at 48-46 on July 21, the two-time National League champions were in third place in the National League East,  7 games behind the Atlanta Braves.
I'll admit, I thought this was going to be a lost season: Too many injuries, too many players having below-average seasons.
Since that day, the Phillies have the best record in baseball at 44-15 and have turned the 7-game deficit into a 6-game lead -- thanks to the recent 3-game sweep of the Braves -- with just 9 games left in the season.

At 92-61, they also have a 6-game advantage for best record in the National League and are just behind the New York Yankees for the best record in baseball.

If the Phils finish with the best record in the NL, they will get an extra day off during the NL Division Series, which means Roy Halladay, Cole Hamels and Roy Oswalt can pitch on regular rest. And thanks to the NL's All-Star Game victory, they'd have home-field advantage in the World Series, should they get there.

Another Red October will soon be upon us. Let's hope it ends with a November parade!

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