Friday, January 7, 2011

Eagles prediction

AP Photo
Eagles QB Michael Vick tries to elude a Green Bay
defender during their game in week 1 of the NFL season.
The Packers won that game, 27-20.
I don't have a good feeling about this game.

In the previous two games that meant anything -- against the Giants and Vikings -- the Eagles played lousy football for 112 of the 120 minutes. Except for those 8 minutes against the Giants, the Birds haven't been able to move the ball, and their offensive line has been a revolving door for opposing defenses as they continue to beat up on QB Michael Vick.

The Packers are playing great defense. I heard this morning that they've allowed only 104 points in this last 9 games, which amounts to a little more than 11 points per game.

Green Bay has a pretty good offense, too. QB Aaron Rodgers is better than anyone the Eagles have faced since Peyton Manning on Nov. 7. The Packers running attack isn't much, but they should be able to throw the ball against a depleted Eagles defense that is having trouble rushing the passer and has depth problems in the secondary. And the Eagles have the worst red-zone defense in recent NFL history.

To win, the Eagles will have to score at least 30 points. I don't see that happening. I hope I'm wrong, but here's the pick:

Green Bay 34, Eagles 24.

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