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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby girl could have Giant impact on Super Bowl Sunday

Tara, my oldest stepdaughter, is pregnant and the baby apparently is in no hurry to come out. In fact, depending on which of her due dates you go by, she is either 6 days late or 3 days late.

We thought for sure Tara would deliver by now. But as the days tick by, it's possible Arianna could just be making a statement as to when she comes into the world.

You see, Tara's boyfriend and his family are HUGE New York Giants' fans. They have had season tickets for years.

It would have been funny had Arianna decided to make her grand entrance during the NFC Championship Game on Jan. 20. That was a possibility, since my wife expected Tara to deliver early. Tara joked that she was so excited at the end of the Giants' win over Dallas a week earlier that she expected to go into labor then.

But now, as the Giants prepare for Sunday's Super Bowl against New England, it's possible that is when Tara could give birth. Arianna may just use that day to make her appearance and show her parents just what kind of Giant impact she will make on their lives.

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