Monday, April 21, 2008

Bad news for Barack?

Last week, legendary rocker Bruce Springsteen announced on his Web site that he was supporting Barack Obama for the presidency.

While I'm sure Obama supporters are excited to have such a person of The Boss' stature behind their candidate, they might want to look at Springsteen's history of backing presidential losers.

In 1984, President Reagan used Springsteen's anthem "Born In The USA" during his re-election campaign. Springsteen, shown above in an Associated Press photo, asked the president to stop as he was supporting Democratic candidate Walter Mondale. Reagan obliged and in the election, he trounced Mondale in a landslide victory.

In 2004, Springsteen was one of the brains behind MTV's "Rock the Vote" campaign, in which liberals in entertainment tried to use their influence to get younger voters out to support Sen. John Kerry against President Bush. And we all know the kind of success he had there.

So beware, Barack. You might be "Born to Run," but I hope you aren't "Blinded by the Light" of Springsteen's influence.

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