Friday, January 16, 2009

The undefeated chair -- so far

For Christmas, my father-in-law got me a Philadelphia Eagles office chair that provided a dual purpose: to use at our computer desk, and for me to sit in on the rare occasions I played on PlayStation3, rather than sitting on the floor as I had.

The Sunday after Christmas, some family members visited and that afternoon the Eagles played the hated Dallas Cowboys, needing a victory to get into the NFL playoffs. So I pulled the chair to a spot in front of the fireplace and next to the television to watch the game. The outcome was a 44-6 romp by the Eagles that vaulted them into the postseason.

So being a bit supertitious when it comes to following my sports teams, when the Eagles played the Minnesota Vikings the next week in the first round of the playoffs, I watched the game in the chair in the exact same spot -- and the Eagles won 23-14.

Naturally, when the Eagles faced the New York Giants last Sunday, the chair and I were in the same location in the living room rooting on the Birds. Sure enough, the Eagles earned a 23-11 victory to move into the NFC Championship game.

That makes the Eagles office chair undefeated at 3-0. So when 3 p.m. Sunday rolls around and the game between the Eagles and the host Arizona Cardinals is about to kick off, you can be sure my Eagles chair will be in its same spot with me sitting in it.


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