Friday, September 26, 2008

Bad vibes about baseball outcomes

It could be my pessimism shining through, but I keep getting more bad vibes about this weekend's Phillies games and their chances for the postseason.

Perhaps it has to do with both the Mets and Brewers winning games Thursday night on walk-off hits, with the Mets rallying from a 6-3, 7th-inning deficit to nip the Cubs.

Then there's also the fact the Washington Nationals, the Phils' opponent to close out the season, plays them as tough as anyone in the league. And then there's the pressure the Phillies will face as they hold their post-season fate in their hands.

All 3 teams play at home this weekend and, of course, the Phillies have the easiest opponent as the Nationals sit on 99 losses -- which strengthens those bad vibes.

I hope I'm wrong and on Monday the Phillies are ready to play the Cubs or Dodgers in the National League Division Series.

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