Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Football turkeys on Thanksgiving

Part of the Thanksgiving tradition is watching NFL football on television. But this year, the NFL has provided us with a few turkeys in their daylong extravaganza.

The biggest turkey is the first game at 12:30, when the 0-11 Detroit Lions host the 10-1 Tennessee Titans. Hopefully the Lions can keep the game interesting until most people sit down for dinner. The National Dog Show is on opposite this game. The Lions may qualify as Best of Show.

The second game pits the 2-9 Seattle Seahawks at the 7-4 Dallas Cowboys. At the start of the season this looked like a pretty good game, but the Seahawks are having their worst season in coach Mike Holmgren's last season. But it's always nice to root against the Cowboys no matter whom they are playing.

The third game, for those who still care, has our 5-5-1 Eagles hosting the Arizona Cardinals. The Cardinals are just 7-4, but lead the NFC West by 4 games. The Eagles, well, stink right now after a tie with the Cincinnati Bengals and a loss to the Baltimore Ravens in which quarterback Donovan McNabb was pulled at halftime. McNabb will start Thursday's game, but who knows what to expect from him. The Eagles' playoff hopes are slim right now; a loss to the Cardinals will likely put an end to those aspirations.

Whatever you do, enjoy the day. And remember to give thanks for what is truly important.

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