Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Waiting for cheaper gas

Gas prices in the Allentown and Quakertown areas have toppled to less than $2.10 a gallon. Other parts of the nation, like at this Ohio gas station in the AP photo at right, have seen gas drop below $2 a gallon. Yet when are we in the Pottstown area going to see even lower prices.

On my drive to work every day from Berks County, I pass at least 5 places selling gas, and no one is selling it for less than $2.30 a gallon. When the prices do drop, it's at 2 cents at a time.

One day last week, one convenience store's gas prices rose 2 cents overnight, and it dropped back 2 cents the next afternoon.

It's time motorists in the Pottstown area pay the same gas prices as others in the region!!!

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