Friday, November 7, 2008

More bad news for Pennsylvanians

Gov. Ed Rendell announced this morning that he plans to serve out the rest of his term that ends in January 2011, rather than pursue a Cabinet position in the Obama administration. That is sad news for taxpayers in the state.

Of course, Rendell, at right, probably called Obama's people to see what he could do, was told he wasn't being considered, and to save face announced he wasn't interested in joining the Cabinet -- at least until his term is over.

Rendell spokesman Chuck Ardo said the state's political factors played a role in the governor's decision. Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll, next in line for governor, is battling cancer. If she couldn't serve, the line of command goes to Joseph Scarnati, the president Pro Tempore of the Republican-led state Senate.

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