Monday, February 25, 2008

Coming to the rescue

As I was sitting in the office one day last week working on some pages, a call from an unfamiliar number came to my cell phone. Usually I don't answer those calls, but since I recognized the exchange I decided to see who it was.

On the other end of the call was my 17-year-old stepdaughter Kelly. It took me a few seconds to figure that out, since she always calls me on her cell phone. Only the reason for the phone call was why she didn't use her cell phone.

Kelly was getting gas after school when she locked her keys -- and purse, and cell phone -- in her car. The car doesn't have power locks or a remote, so the only way to lock the car is to do it manually.

Since I was the one who had the spare key, I got the call to come to the rescue. So I made what was a 45-minute round trip just to unlock her car.

My reward was all that any parent could ask for: a smile and a big hug!

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