Thursday, February 7, 2008

No wonder so many crashes happen there

The intersection of eastbound Route 422 and River Bridge Road in Amity Township is one of the most dangerous in the tri-county area. One day last week I discovered why.

Knowing the history of accidents at that intersection, I'm always wary when I see cars lined up on River Bridge Road. The patience of the drivers wears thin while they wait for an opening, so you never know when one will shoot out in front of you.

In this instance, that wasn't the case. As I drove toward the intersection on this rainy afternoon, a vehicle came down River Bridge Road, ignored the stop sign and crossed in front of me.

I couldn't believe what I saw. I wasn't close to hitting the car, but driving conditions that day weren't so good. Roads were wet from a day-long rain, so had that driver spun out while racing across Route 422, I would have slammed right into him.

Many people have suggested that PennDOT improve the intersection to avoid the crashes -- some of which have been fatal -- that have plagued the area. Perhaps all that is needed are more intelligent drivers.

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trotter from amity said...

indeed....slow down and watch for crazy-crossing cars.