Wednesday, October 15, 2008

FOX may not get its wish

It's painfully obvious while watching the Phillies-Dodgers National League Championship Series that FOX and its lead announcing team of Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are blatantly rooting for the Dodgers.

FOX will also broadcast the World Series and I'm sure the corporate suits were pulling for a Dodgers-Red Sox clash so they could beat the Manny Ramirez returns to Boston angle to death. I'm surprised FOX hasn't shown Manny taking a bathroom break in the clubhouse.

My friends and I have been particularly upset about it, especially when the announcers said Monday night that the home runs by Phillies Shane Victorino and Matt Stairs were "a devastating turn of events." Devastating for whom? Not Phillies fans.

And while we may see this through Phillies-colored glasses, one member of the media has noticed it, too. Check out this column by Page 2 writer Tim Keown called "Pray for Philly, Tampa Bay and all of us."

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